Southern Sundays: Decadent Double Chocolate Cream Pie

Who can resist???  It’s not just chocolate pie, it’s double chocolate.  It’s DECADENT double chocolate!  And decadent it is. This Sunday, I ventured to make Paula Deen’s Decadent Double Chocolate Cream Pie (page 319 in Paula Deen’s Southern Cooking Bible).Click here for this wonderful recipe. My paternal grandmother, affectionately known as Nannie, made the most wonderful chocolate pies.  Growing up, it was a welcomed tradition at all holidays in her home. Her pie was dark, chocolatey, and rich. Paula’s version of chocolate pie totally took me back in time, as it tasted almost exactly like my grandmother’s.

As I made this recipe, I came up with a few comments and tips:

#1: The recipe called for “semi-sweet chocolate – 61% cacao.”  I could only find bitter-sweet chocolate that had a percentage of cacao or semi-sweet chocolate with no information on the percentage of cacao.  I chose to use 4 oz. of the bittersweet chocolate pictured here and 3 oz. of the semi-sweet chocolate.  I really liked the combination.  But, I would like to experiment with the different proportions of chocolate next time.

#2:  This recipe does take some time and patience.  I’m used to making recipes that have the words “quick” and “easy” in the title.  This recipe isn’t very quick, as it requires some patience as you gently heat the milk and fold it into the filling mixture little by little.  If you get into too big of a hurry, bad things will happen.  But, the outcome makes it all worth while.

#3: It’s o.k. to cheat sometimes in a recipe.  I took a shortcut on the crust, which called for pressing crushed chocolate wafers with butter into the pie pan.  I searched (but not that hard) for chocolate wafers (like vanilla wafers), but came up empty-handed.  So, I settled for a Keebler chocolate graham cracker crust.  I would like to try the original recipe, but I was pleased with the ready-made crust.

The reviews are in:

Trey (my man):  The pie was very chocolatey, rich, and decadent.  I’m not much for pies or sweets, but this was a winner.

Haley (daughter, 13):  I really enjoyed this pie.  It was chocolatey and rich.  The homemade whipped cream was perfect on top.  It was delicious and I loved it…A+

Jordan (daughter, 9): At first, it was very, very rich.  But after we put it in the fridge, the next day it tasted way more better.  I loved it.

My review:  I definitely agree with Jordan.  After only being in the refrigerator for the recommended 2 hour chilling time, it was too rich.  I couldn’t finish my piece.  However, after chilling it overnight, the taste and texture were much more palatable for me.

This week, I took the pie to a friend’s house to share and she offered up her guest review saying that “this was comfort food and she could eat the entire pie.”  Thanks, Becky! 🙂

My mission of Southern Sundays was to bring my family and friends together, create memories, and share life.  I love how this shared experience of eating this dessert did just that.  It brought back memories for me to share with my family.  It was a new experience that my girls will, hopefully, remember. And, it motivated us to set aside time together.  It reminds me that it’s about more than just the food.

Until next Sunday, may your dinners be a delight!



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